Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I survived 3 weeks of vacation!

Shortly after my last post I headed to TN for a two week vacation to visit family. Usually going home is easy because I still do the cooking. However, my mom had just moved homes and schools. This meant we were very busy helping her get things done and we often didn't have time to cook. Or go home between things. There was also a lot of fun stuff too, not just work. We shopped almost the entire two weeks and visited other friends and family.

My biggest fear was gaining a lot of weight from all the eating out. I did my best to make good choices--grilled chicken, salads, dressing on the side so I could use just a tiny bit, etc. However, I did eat the chips and salsa, had a fried cheese stick, ate the cherry chocolate chip cake with cream cheese frosting my sister made...and it was all so good! My goal was to enjoy the time with my family and just make sure I only ate "a little" of the yummy things that had added the pounds over the years.

I increased my water intake. Some days I was getting 120 oz in. My first weigh in home I had gained 3 lbs. I think some of it was still travel water retention. Who knows? Anyway, the next week home was our staycation. More travel, but more active fun as well. At the next weigh in I was back to my pre-travel weight.

Half a pound a way from my 20 lb loss goal.

I'm hitting it this week for my birthday. It's my gift to myself. The  new goal is to lose the last 8 lbs of my goal over the next month. That's 2 pounds a week. I know I can do it if I add the regular exercise and keep eating good foods.

Wish me luck! No, better yet, ask me if I've exercised.

Starting weight: 177
Current weight: 158

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