Friday, July 19, 2013

Mid-July 2013 Check In

I'm still computer-less and I wonder if that's helping me lose weight. As of today I'm 1/2 a pound from the 20 pound loss benchmark. That's two thirds of the way to my goal.

The exciting part is I'm feeling better, lighter, healthier. The other day I felt the NEED to go for a run. It wasn't "I should go for a run" it was "I want to go for a run". And I did. I ran two miles before stopping to walk and that was because I needed to catch my breath--not any aches or tiredness. It felt wonderful!

And, this may border on TMI, but I can pull my pants up and down without unbuttoning them! Oh, yes. For Christmas I want a shopping spree!

Starting weight in May--177lbs
Current weight--158

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